Five Steps to Prepare for a Fantastic Retirement....

Retirement is no longer the reserve of the elderly in need of care - it's the exciting next step in a life well lived!  With many of us feeling younger than ever as we approach our fifties and sixties, retirement is a time to become more social, meet new people and discover a range of new hobbies. 

Retirement is a valuable time in our lives and can be the happiest years yet. However, as retirement approaches, we can all become a little hesitant about how we'll fill those hours when we would previously have been at work.

If retirement is on your horizon, then look no further than our advice on preparing for your best possible retirement years. 

1) Get your finances in order

For most of us, we've been saving for our retirement ever since we started working and you may have an idea of your financial status, but sitting down with an advisor who can guide you through your options is a fantastic way to put your mind at rest and start looking forward to enjoying your hard work. They will advise you on things like downsizing your home and how much money you'll have to spend on trips and experiences. 

2) Make a list of adventures

Where would you like to go in the next ten to twenty years and what would you like to do? Perhaps there's a country you've always wanted to visit, or a band you want to see play live or you would like to downsize your home to something more modern and luxurious. Whatever your dreams are, make a bucket list to motivate yourself in the coming years. After all, there is so much more to life than work!

3) Look into your new lifestyle

Retirement is a change of pace and lifestyle. With more free time to do the things you love, begin testing out hobbies and interests before retirement arrives. This will give you a large circle of friends to turn to and plenty of things to fil your time. As part of the lifestyle change, start looking at where would you like to live. Downsizing or moving to residential park homes could help you to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, with a close-knit community and plenty of activities. 

4) Slowly reduce your hours

You don't have to go from working full time to retirement instantly. Consider reducing your hours at work over a couple of years. This will help you to keep control over your own life and prepare financially for the change. It will also prepare friends and loved ones and the free time during the week will allow you to try out new hobbies and look at potential new homes.

5) Pick the home for you

Many of us don't like the idea of ending up in a home or being lonely and trapped in our own houses. By choosing a community with a home as part of that community, you can keep your independence and live in the same home for your retirement. A Park Bungalow will introduce you to new, like-minded people and you'll have the best of everything - from spacious, modern houses to a wealth of activities sports and entertainments. They're like a holiday resort that you get to live in!

As retirement approaches, it can feel scary, but by preparing you'll make sure these are the best years of your life.

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